Vadim M. & Jon K., San Francisco, CA

Testimonial: We contacted Robert in October when we were looking for small investment property. During the open house in February, I saw a property and the listing agent told me the offer was due in 3 days. Gosh! I contacted Robert in the evening, and guess what? He responded immediately and said “sure”. He went to the property the next day. That is so unheard of. The day after that, he came to our place to draw up the purchase agreement. Since Robert made a great impression on the listing agent, it helped us win the offer even though we offered less than the highest competitor. Since the seller wanted the escrow to close in 2 weeks, Robert was very enthusiastic and worked hard with us to resolve all problems that came up. I was ready to give up, but he did not. He pulled us through it, followed up with everyone, and made it easy. I am very glad that we hired him. I wish we hired him when we bought the first property. Definitely hire him!

 Tonya K., Oakland CA

Testimonial: You are a great realtor and honest as well. I really appreciate that. But also your personality makes your business so successful. You are a people person.

Ramona B., San Lorenzo CA

Testimonial: Robert worked very hard with a difficult situation to sell our house. Given the problems I think many other realtors would have given up or would have not put in the effort to close the deal. Thanks Robert for all your hard work.

Russ Q., Oakland CA

Testimonial: I found a real estate agent that I could trust and kept that agent for over twenty years. When she relocated and retired I was skeptical that I would be able find someone that I thought I could completely rely on to do all those things that good real estate folks do. It didn’t take long after meeting with Robert that I realized he too possessed the integrity, knowledge (both of the market and of people) and work ethic that instills TRUST. With his business background and that hard-to-describe intuitiveness, I was completely at ease through the various phases of the deals we worked on. He doesn’t sell just to get a sale. His level of professionalism is truly beyond reproach — Hire him!

 Laurentiu I., San Leandro CA

Testimonial: Buying my first home was an important event for me. Robert was a good listener and he guided the whole process with patience and perseverance. I wanted to thank you so much for your assistance and support during the house buying process. Your professionalism, openness and responsiveness made the entire process very smooth for us with minimal issues. I appreciate everything you did and above all your honesty. I am looking forward to work with you again.
Thank you!

 Steve S., Insurance Broker

You’re a good agent, thanks for doing the support work for both myself and Larentiu. Nice to do business with you.